Morning Cardio (HIIT)

As Tracked by Fitbit Charge 

Today”s HIIT cardio was : Intervals of a light jog followed by 2 minute hard run.  I did this for 2 miles and the last .15 miles was a light cool down. I tried to get the 2 miles done in under 16 minutes, but just missed it (average pace was a 8:02).

3 thoughts on “Morning Cardio (HIIT)”

    1. I hated running! But, over the years I have come to love it. I started with walking my dog in the morning and then one day I said, “I wounded how far I can go?”. And it just took off from there. The purpose of the HIIT cardio is to really increase your heart rate and use your fat as your main energy source after you go through your stored ATP and glycogen stores, also your post exercise energy expenditure will increase as well. So basically still burning through calories as your body is recovering. But if your first starting off a fast walk followed by a slow walk would be a great start.

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