Morning Cardio Motivation 

I would say one major factor for why people never start or never follow through with a fitness plan is because of time.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day to get everything done.  When you are first starting a fitness plan,  take it slow, and try only doing 20-30 minutes of exercise. 

You could find this time by, waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning or by go to bed 30 minutes later.  How often do we find ourselves sitting on our phones or watching TV, watching shows that are 30 minutes to an hour long.  This is time that you could be doing anything physical to help you reach your fitness goal.

The first step I recommend is, setting a reminder on your phone that goes off everyday with something that is going to motivate you to get up and do something to better your life.

Next, have a set plan that you are going to follow and find away to hold yourself accountable.  Could be something as simple as putting $1 in a jar every time you workout.  Anything that will help keep you on track.

And my last suggestion is to workout with someone.  Setting a time to meet a person will help hold you accountable.  You both are relying on each other to show up and push one another to do work.  

Leave a comment below and let me know some ways you stay motivated.

3 thoughts on “Morning Cardio Motivation ”

    1. Having the food under control is the hard part lol. There are tons of great body weight exercise you can incorporate into your everyday life. Doing some air squats before sitting down, lunges during your walks, some crunches as you get into or out of bed, to name a few. Just slowly start adding one or two exercises into your everyday activities and they will begin to add up. Yoga, is also a great staring point for many women looking to increase strength. YouTube has many great “morning yoga”, beginner videos you can do to start off with.

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