Meal Prep for Beach Vacation! Tip to Save a Little Money!!!

So this year I have decided to prep my meals for my beach trip. I made 11 pounds of chicken, 7 cups of rice (cooked), 2 pounds of potatoes, 9 cups of broccoli, 7 cups of blueberries and 6 whole red peppers.

I usually eat 4 big meals a day plus 2 snacks. This all cost less than $60 and made 20 of my big meals. My snacks usually consist of a protein shake and fruit (not pictured) or chicken and fruit. The protein I was going to drink during the week, so I didn’t count it into the cost, plus I already had it and didn’t purchase it during my shopping trip.

Eating healthy and eating foods that fits your specific diet needs doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Just a helpful hint to help keep on you track.
Quick meal prep breakdown: 

Potatoes diced and baked @400-degrees until tender, seasoned with garlic salt and pepper

I used 2 Costco rotisserie chickens. They only only cost $10 for 4.1 pounds of cooked chicken.

7 pounds of oven roasted chicken, see my recipe Chicken Prepped 2 ways for recipe, 2 pounds of potatoes, and 7 cups of rice.

Finished prepped meal

For meal planning help visit: $5 Meal Plan
And follow me on Pinterest @ mvernst07, for more great healthy meal prep and dinner recipes

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