Top 5 Protein Powders

5 of the Best Protein Powders 

Picking the right protein powder can be overwhelming with all of the choices on the market.  Protein powders are a quick and easy way to consume the protein your muscles need to grow while on a strength training program.  The advantages of having a quality protein powder are:

  1. Convenient
  2. Fast absorbing
  3. Easily digested
  4. Full of essential amino acids that promote muscle growth and recovery

When choosing a protein powder, you want to make sure that it is low in fat and carbs, and has at least 20-30 grams of protein.  Also, try to find protein powders that have more natural ingredients and are not full of “filler” ingredients.

Finding the right protein for you fitness goals may take some trial and error. Here is a list of 5 of the top Protein Powders on the market today.

#1 Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard

Key Points

  • Whey Protein Isolates: Primary Source
  • 5.5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs
  • 4 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine and Glutamic Acid
  • Mixes Easily
  • Over 20 Different Flavors

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#2 Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein

Key Points:

  • 25 grams of high-quality protein
  • Fast, medium, and slow-releasing proteins
  • Added digestive blend for ease of absorption
  • 5 powerful proteins plus added BCAA’s
  • Helps build lean muscle mass
  • Gluten free

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#3 BSN Sythatha-6 Protein Powder

Key Points:

  • 22g protein per serving
  • 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • 10 grams of essential amino acids per serving
  • Great taste
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis and recovery support

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#4 Dymatized Nutrition Iso 100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein

Key Points:

  • High in essential amino acids and rich in glutamine peptides
  • 1 scoop provides 24 grams of ultra-high quality whey protein
  • An effective way to build and maintain lean muscle mass
  • Mixes instantly

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#5 Cellucor Cor-Performance

Key Points:

  • 52 servings per container, 35g per 2 scoops
  • 25g of 100% Whey Protein, 130 calories, 1.5g fat and 3g carbs per serving
  • 5.5g BCAAs and naturally occurring digestive enzymes per serving

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