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Morning Cardio (HIIT)

As Tracked by Fitbit Charge 

Today”s HIIT cardio was : Intervals of a light jog followed by 2 minute hard run.  I did this for 2 miles and the last .15 miles was a light cool down. I tried to get the 2 miles done in under 16 minutes, but just missed it (average pace was a 8:02).

Morning HIIT Cardio

Warm-up: 1 minute light jog

Workout: Sprint/Jog

  • Find a place where you have a good place to sprint 50-100 yards.
  • I have a neighborhood around me that is a big look where I can sprint the straights and jog the turns, this can easily be done on a treadmill as well.
  • I did 10 sprints and 10 jogs
  • I like to try and get 2 miles tracked by my Fitbit

*Beginners can jog the straight and walk turns and work up to sprint/jog