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Chasing Greatness!!! What Happens When You Reach Your Goals?

As a High School Football Coach, I get to see dreams achieved and dreams shattered in a blink of an eye.  Athletes are constantly chasing goals that many say are impossible. But, seeing players reach out and take them through hard work, dedication, and a desire for greatness is many times a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So what happens when they accomplish their goals? They have reached what they thought is the greatest moment of their life, and everything that they have worked for is now theirs.  Where do they go now?

They go out and set another impossible goal. Life is about small moments of greatness that so few ever reach. Many people never reach their goals because they are too scared or too unwilling to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.  When things get hard people either fold under the pressure or rise to the occasion and prove their greatness.

People always ask, “Why do you coach? Why put in all those hours for so little pay?”  I do it for these moments when I get to see dreams come true: moments of greatness.